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13 Ecommerce Growth Hacks for Ecommerce Startups and Beginners

Let's delve into the world of ecommerce growth hacks:

Running and standing in a market where competition is increasing just as fast as sensex and the stock market is not an easy task in itself. The e-commerce market has faced very tough competition in various niche sectors. Marketers make extensive use of social media, influencer marketing, retargeting, and other similar strategies to play a vital role in gaining industry exposure and gaining a presence in the marketplace.

This post is devoted to highlighting some more growth hacking strategies that can help ecommerce marketers hit the customer buying path. These hacks pay close attention to the lifecycle of your target customers and list the key practices to optimize customer interaction within your ecommerce business.

Let’s delve into the world of ecommerce growth hacks:

Insight into the customer journey

Ecommerce website development services professionals place a strong emphasis on having a careful understanding of customer behavior from the first time they visit your website to the moment you send a thank you email to your customers. It is very important on the part of the ecommerce marketers to time the interaction according to the buyer’s journey so that the marketing practices and tools can work together to maximize the benefit.

The interaction of the customers first starts in the awareness phase where visitors get to know your brand for the first time, this is the phase to get the attention of the customers. Then there is the consideration phase where customers are looking for more information and the final phase is the decision phase where marketers have to strongly prove to customers that their product is the best among the masses.

Analyze the data obtained

It is very important on the part of the ecommerce marketers to analyze the data obtained from your marketing channel in order to better understand and reach your audience.

Keep a close eye on engagement metrics to see how your buyers are interacting with your store and what front end adjustments are needed. View cart abandonment statistics, low conversion rate, negative comments, and take steps to fix any kind of issue that persists.

Remarketing with a touch of a personal touch

By carefully analyzing the analytic data, marketers can understand the subgroups within target buyers and potential customers and fine-tune the message. This way, if your customers buy swimwear, for example, you can include sunscreen suggestions in your newsletter.

In the event that one of your segments is frequently abandoned from the cart, you can easily use pop-up ads that offer some attractive discounts to amaze the targeted customers. This kind of very individual approach is only possible when using analysis and testing.


A / B testing

Developers from the best website design company in India suggest that data-based experiments help fine-tune the practice to get the best solution. Marketers can apply these practices to social media such as Facebook ads, etc., to analyze which version of the ad is converting. You may prefer to use apps like Google Optimize, Optimize, Visual Website Optimization etc.

Go ahead with checking the frequency of popups, chatbots prompts and emails. It is important to test anything and everything that can help you improve your website.

Allow the audience for feedback

It is very important for marketers to give buyers the privilege of expressing their real feeling to foster confidence and ensure a better sense of improvement. One of the most important but essential touchpoints in a customer journey is to send a follow-up email with a survey or review card asking for feedback from customers.

In the case of a thriving business, getting valuable feedback from customers is really essential. In this way, other customers become attracted to the platform and come to rely on it.

Design a homepage that triggers conversion

Homepage design is the hallmark of efficient UX design. Underestimating the power of information and website home page structure can lead to serious damage to your business. The home page design should be designed to easily capture the attention of customers, provide information about your product and service and convey a clear call to action. Your homepage should be short, well navigated to get maximum conversion.

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Post a guest post on relevant blogs

Blogging is a prominent part of the content marketing strategy widely used by all kinds of marketers. This content strategy helps provide thought leadership and product information to customers in the awareness and consideration phase of the customer journey.

Guest blogging helps generate leads from relevant industry blogs by exposing the brand to the intended customers. Placing a guest post also helps in earning valuable links for your website that help the website rank better in SERPs.

Use lead magnets

SEO services consultants in India suggest that creating world class content is important to give the impression to the visitors that you are an opinion leader that will further help grow your email list. You may also prefer to provide value to your potential customers by giving them truly researched content that can expand their knowledge. In this way, every time you help a reader, in some way you get a contact who can send a customized message via email.

Prioritize retention statistics

Marketers should always focus on removing hurdles in the buyer’s journey and continuously improving service. This includes communication, social media engagement and addressing issues in a timely manner.

Prioritizing retention with customer strategy first can be a great way to increase the growth of the ecommerce platform. It is very important to maintain a strong relationship with customers, which ensures a better lead, larger orders, a trust factor and also a boost for the digital presence of the website.

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Prefer to set up a referral program

Building a good relationship isn’t the end of the process. After building a good relationship with the satisfied customers, it is also essential to do follow-ups and invite them to share their experience with you. Rather, go a step further and introduce a referral program by providing incentives such as free shipping for a month or access to premium feature.

Rather, invite customers to refer your brand to their network with a reminder on their email and social media. Consumers are very responsive to peer recommendations, so it is vital to be referred by customers.

Limited navigation distraction

It is very important to use targeted visual elements to get the attention of the visitors. Always make sure that your call to action is the same color on all pages and also different from the other text and images on your site.

Also, make sure to remove any home page clutter that could distract customers’ attention. The landing page should have limited navigation options and great visual cues to help redirect users to CTA.

Use popups to reduce cart overload

Running a successful ecommerce website without an app is currently not possible. In case of confusion, take a hint from your competitors site to see where the industry stands.

Pop-up ads give customers a last-minute incentive to buy such offers at a discount, free shipping to reduce cart abandonment rates. They can also help navigate to the main product or record the countdown to convey the sense of urgency.

The countdown time and urgency statement

Creating a sense of urgency is essential for ecommerce platforms to drive sales. They can also bring excitement to an upcoming sale. Consider adding timers to your main products or using popups that respond to buyer interactions. You can also view the number of people who have purchased these items.


To get started in the field of ecommerce, the marketer needs to have as much information as possible. Consider using every kind of tool at your disposal to amaze your customers and drive conversion. The ecommerce platform growth hack is evolving with change over time, which is why it is vital to stay informed and make constant change in your practice.

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