12 Side Hustles, Jobs, and Gigs You Can Do from Home

You can do jobs remotely! Remote work sounds wonderful if you don’t mind long commutes to boring workplaces, where you’re stuck Monday through Friday, 9-5.

However, it is possible to work remotely. I have over 50 examples. If your dream is to work at home but you aren’t sure where to start, then this list might be the right place for you. I can guarantee it.

The rising trend

Gallup polls indicate that telecommuting is on the increase. More than three-quarters of Americans telecommuted in 2015 at least partially. This is a natural trend. Information, communication, and resources are all available at our fingertips, and they are getting more sophisticated every day. Crunchbase

Common paths

The question is, then, how does the average worker — or you? Make a real living by staying at home. Here are 50 options.

Working from home is appealing

Although some traditional bosses might think that working at home is a way for them to relax and not do anything, many people are motivated. They want to be free from distractions and interruptions, work with fewer people, have comfortable clothing, keep their family close, and have more control. Additionally, people who work from home are often more productive.

However, working remotely isn’t always the best option. But working from home isn’t the best solution. You will still need work and must navigate numerous challenges.

You can leave your current job and transition to another one

First, and most importantly, this is the best option. Instead of looking for a new position, transform current employment. You can work from home for most white-collar positions these days. Consider, for example, how much time do you spend in front of a computer running software from the cloud? If so, you don’t need to leave your home office to manage those responsibilities.

Even if the industry you are in is conservative or traditional, the right pitch may convince your boss and allow you to transfer to a remote position. Global Workplace Analytics shows that even government agencies and non-profits are moving more towards work-from-home opportunities.

Opt-in for a hybrid model

Your boss might need you at the office to meet with clients, or perhaps you are needed as an extra person. The hybrid model allows you to work remotely for two or three days each week while still being in the office on the other days. This might not be the most ideal situation, but it is better than full-time commutes to work. It’s possible to do a good job working from home if you are able to work hard enough.

Write content to help others

We are in the golden age of content marketing and the world is hungry. If you’re good at writing, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on the trend. The demand for original content has increased, and it is easy to find companies that require articles written on a regular basis — sometimes daily. Reach out to content-marketing agencies that employ many writers. They are always looking for new talent. Linkedin

Edit, audit, review

Based on your abilities and experience, you may also be able to make a good living reviewing the work of others. As an example, you might become an editor that improves articles instead of writing them. Or you could review audio submissions and photos to oversee the work done by newbies within your industry. This could be a great opportunity to work remotely if the information you’re reviewing is in digital format.

You can play video games

You are correct. It is possible to make your hobby a full-time job by playing video games. Twitch Gaming and Youtube Gaming give gamers the ability to live to stream their gaming experiences. There are thousands of people who sign up to watch these streams and videos.

If you are a skilled player or can create other unique ways to attract a crowd, you might build a reputation and an audience. You will also be able to earn revenue from these sites based on your contributions. Monetize your site via ad income, tips from the audience, or Patreon. Brittney Brombacher and Greg Miller, both gamers, are great examples of people who have built a reputation in the videogame industry and are monetizing it using these methods.

Register a blog

It is a great way to increase and maintain your revenue stream. This could be anything you wish: You might want to review music or showcase your handmade cosplay. What matters most is your ability to build an audience over the course of time.

If you are able to attract a few thousand people per month, you can make that audience into a cash-generating machine by getting paid to advertise or using affiliate links. You also have the option to set up a Patreon profile to encourage your audience members to support your content-creation efforts as well as gain access to premium content.

Write ebooks

If the idea and excitement of writing content are appealing to you, but you don’t feel like blogging (for whatever reason), you might consider ebook writing. Ebooks can be described as longer versions of articles. They are usually several thousand words long and contain illustrated examples and helpful tips. A few dollars per download can be yours if there is a market for it. This will allow you to make a steady, consistent profit.

Be a reviewer

Everyone has an opinion. Everybody is a critic. If you’re a person who likes to share your opinions, and can do so in a way that benefits the audience, reviewing might be a viable option to work remotely.

The possibilities are limitless: If media and pop culture is your thing, you might review movies and music albums. You might review new board and video game products if you are a fan of these. Local businesses or just about any product could be reviewed. Once again, you must first create an audience.

Be a social-media marketer

Logging into social networks and posting a message doesn’t require you to be present physically. This makes this a great job for anyone who is able to work from anywhere. Social media marketing doesn’t involve “playing around with Facebook all day”, but the basics are easy and don’t require much equipment or special skills. It’s an extremely learnable niche, and you will need to gain experience over time.

It is a good idea to have some work experience if you don’t have any.

Get certified as an SEO consultant

Like social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), this marketing strategy is entirely digital. It is easy to learn, even for novices. Even though you won’t be able to pull out competitive tactics or perform advanced troubleshooting within the first few months, all of the information you need for success is right at your fingertips. It’s okay to subcontract experts if necessary.

Get certified as a PPC consultant

Next, you may want to run pay-per-click (PPC), advertising campaigns. Clients will pay ad-placement fees and charge you a management cost to organize, plan, manage, and track the results of each ad. To reach a wider audience, you can focus on one platform or learn several platforms. Google and some other platforms offer certification programs to help you prove your qualifications. While there’s some learning involved, once you become comfortable with it, it will become second nature. Londonpost

Be a graphic design expert

Design skills are essential to creating graphics for people and businesses. These graphics can be used in advertising, on websites, and for other purposes. There are many methods to achieve this. You could be a full-time graphic designer or a contractor working with multiple clients. You might also consider using a site like 99 Designs for work that is piece-by–piece. It is hard to learn design skills from scratch so if this is what you want, you need to invest first in your education.

Take photos and make videos for other people

The skill level and experience of freelance photographers can help you make a good living. Photographing requires that you leave your home at times. You can find many websites to help you start learning about photography. Similar applications allow you to create videos to promote businesses. You can create an “explainer” video to show the brand or make an advertisement.

Start a video series

Videos are not just for you. YouTube allows you to start your own YouTube channel. You need to find a niche and either inform or entertain specific audiences (preferably both).


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