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12 Fitness Premium Fitness Supplements that Really Work

“Get fired up!” Gain tons of muscle! “Boost your strength!” It’s understandable that you could start to believe you can transform yourself into an Abercrombie & Fitch model when you’re inundated with messages like these as you enter a vitamin store or shop online at one.

There is a tonne of testosterone boosters, protein powders, weight loss pills, and muscle enhancers on store shelves. Find protein bars, energy drinks, and packets of amino acids on the next shelf. Even oatmeal that helps develop muscles and has more than 30 grams of protein is available. But do these goods actually function? Perhaps even more crucially, are they secure?

Here is a list of effective components that have to be in every person’s supplement regimen.


The most widely used substance on the planet is also a bodybuilder’s best friend. It functions as a painkiller, energy enhancer, and fat burner. You get a nearly immediate energy boost from caffeine, and it also promotes body fat burning. In addition to reducing muscle discomfort, caffeine also improves mental clarity.

Additionally, it increases strength. As recently discovered by researchers who fed skilled lifters caffeine around an hour before workouts, 200 mg of caffeine will instantly increase your strength by about 5 pounds. This is in addition to giving you a strong pre-workout buzz.

Go with 200-400 mg of coffee 1-2 hours prior to exercise to gain immediate strength.

Whey Protein

The best muscle builder is this one. Protein is one of the best Premium Fitness Supplements for gaining muscle, and whey is the king of protein powders because it promotes muscle growth and speeds up recovery.

Arginine may be the most popular supplement for increasing pump, but whey protein is an unexpected rival. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are extremely similar to the peptides found in whey (ACE). These peptides enhance blood vessel dilation by blocking ACE. Blood vessels become more constricted as a result. Greater blood flow is made possible for working out muscles. As a result, oxygen transport, anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, and nutrients like the amino acids in whey to muscle during exercise are improved.

Continue to consume the normal 20 grams of whey protein right before working out to increase blood flow to the muscles and promote muscular building. Just be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after taking your arginine before taking any whey since it can negate the effects of the arginine.

Tibullus Terrestrosin

It works well as a T-booster. This herb promotes testosterone production, which causes strength to soar and makes adding new muscle mass simpler.

According to a recently published study, Tibullus is able to do more than merely change testosterone levels. It acts as an antioxidant, insulin mimic, and vasodilator. It turns out that Tibullus also increases blood flow by promoting blood vessel dilatation.

Tibullus also lowers cholesterol levels and functions as a powerful antioxidant. This indicates that when consumed prior to exercise, Tibullus can increase nitric oxide (NO) in a way similar to arginine while suppressing ACE in a way similar to whey protein, improving blood flow to working muscles. Additionally, studies indicate that Tibullus may mimic the effects of insulin and boost muscle cells’ uptake of glucose. This is encouraging news because insulin plays a key role in promoting muscle growth.

Take 250–750 mg of Tibullus with breakfast and 30–60 minutes before exercising to reap all of its advantages.


It works well to burn fat. You’re undoubtedly already familiar with the Indian Coleus plant’s main active ingredient, coleus forskohlii (forskolin), which encourages the release of body fat for calorie-burning.

For muscle builders, it works wonders. By raising your testosterone production by roughly 20%, forskolin can also aid in muscle growth.

2-3 times a day with food, take a coleus forskohlii supplement standardized for 20–50 mg of forskolin.


Carnitine is another excellent fat-burner. Bodybuilders have long been aware of carnitine’s capacity to transport fat into muscle cells, where it is burned for energy.

Vasodilator, androgen receptor producer, recovery aid Carnitine has benefits that go far beyond just delivering fat to the furnace.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut (Storrs) have found that those who take carnitine have more androgen receptors in their muscle cells. The more receptors there are in the muscle, the more testosterone may cause growth. Those receptors are what testosterone needs to bind to in order to start muscular growth. The same lab also discovered that carnitine improves muscle recovery. And it boosts blood flow to muscles during exercise, much like arginine, whey, and Tribulus.


Glutamic acid is a powerful multitasker. It serves as a muscle builder, recuperation aid, and immunity enhancer. In addition to preserving muscle mass and fighting fatigue, it also improves immunological function.

Have you considered using glutamine as a fat burner? You ought to, according to recent studies. Glutamate supplementation dramatically enhanced metabolic rate. Or calories burned and the amount of fat burned during exercise and during rest. It works wonders as a fat burner.


One of the best bodybuilding Premium Fitness Supplements ever is creatine. Creatine, which is made up of three amino acids, gives you the fast energy you need for vigorous, explosive activities like lifting weights. It works wonders in increasing strength and muscle. It improves strength and recovery in between sets, enabling you to complete more repetitions and build muscle.

This antioxidant lessens CFS, safeguards the skin and brain, and eases Parkinson’s. According to research, something that is already good only gets better. Creatine offers antioxidant defense, aids in the management of CFS symptoms, and shields the brain from harm.

Even though the summer may be over, stocking up on creatine will help you be ready for the beach season the following year. Yes, it has been proven to shield skin from sun damage.


The body converts the amino acid arginine to NO, which might increase nitrous oxide production. As a result, blood vessels enlarge more, allowing more blood to flow to muscles during exercise.

There are other ways that arginine enhances blood flow to muscles, in addition to the enlargement of blood vessels, which is undoubtedly a major advantage for individuals looking for a pump. According to a recent Japanese study, arginine really increases the development of blood vessels. And it supplies muscle fibers. The greater the blood flow to a muscle fiber. More blood flow results in higher strength and reduced weariness. More assists during the workout to produce a fuller pump.

Vitamin C

This helps with recuperation, amino acid synthesis, and immunity. You’d think there would be nothing new to learn with all the known advantages of vitamin C. After all, vitamin C supports collagen formation. However, it also contributes to amino acid synthesis. Blood vessel strength and wound healing. Amazingly, there’s still more.

It is a vasodilator and fat burner. According to studies from Arizona State University (Tempe), vitamin C can aid in fat reduction. Additionally, research evidence demonstrates that vitamin C can raise NO levels. This promotes blood vessel dilatation.


Although each person’s body reacts to nutritional premium fitness supplements differently, that’s why knowing which premium fitness supplements are backed by credible clinical studies and how they may help you as a consumer is a wonderful place to start.

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