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12 Fireplace Wedding Decorating Ideas We’re Obsessed With

Let’s talk about the fireplace! If your wedding venue has one, it would be a shame not to put it to use. While many look great without extra bells and whistles, others could use a little sprucing up. If yours is in the latter category, don’t worry.

We’ve searched everywhere for the best fireplace wedding decor ideas and discovered some truly impressive things from our vendors and the royal wedding gallery.

Whether you want to cover your mantel with beautiful flowers, go green by surrounding it with a eucalyptus frame, or add some fun accents, you are sure to find something in this list of mantel decorations that will fit the bill. suit your unique wedding style.

Here are some fireplace wedding decor ideas that we are obsessed with.

Greenery and cascading flowers

Cover your mantel with lots of beautiful flowers and greenery that complement your wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquet. If you want to save a bit of money, opt more for greenery and consider opting for artificial flowers over real ones. The results will be romantic, dreamy, and will make the fireplace stand out.

Asymmetric waterfall

A variation on the waterfall is to place a flower arrangement on the mantel on one side of the fireplace and another arrangement on the hearth on the opposite side and tie them together with a garland of plummeting greenery. Stack some pillar candles for a beautiful display.

Vegetation and candles


Love the look of greenery and cascading flowers, but want to give it that extra flair? Add some candles to the mix. If you go down this route, we suggest sticking mostly to the greenery and throwing a few flowers here and there so the candles don’t get lost in the mix.

This is also a bit cheaper, so you can save a few dollars on the florist bill as long as you don’t choose a very expensive type of greenery.

Overflowing arrangements

If you want a fireplace wedding decor idea that’s full of floral power, but not as over the top as cascading flowers, add a couple of mantel arrangements.

We love the look of overflowing arrangements like these, and they will make the fireplace the focal point of your venue (great if you’re using it as your wedding altar or as a backdrop for the head table).

Minimalist arrangements

If you opt for a more subdued look, opt for smaller arrangements in decorative vases. You can even surround them with greenery garlands or colored lights for an extra touch. PS having arrangements already in vases will make the breakdown much easier; You can even gift them to some of your VIP guests when you go out.

Central arrangement with decorative candles

We are madly in love with this more modern take on fireplace wedding décor. Simply surround your mantelpiece with a larger design and long-stemmed candles. If they complement the rest of your decor and floral arrangements, you’ll get bonus points.

Arrays from highest to lowest

If you’re looking for a way to make the most minimalist arrangements pop, create interest by lining tall or small flower bouquets.

Of course, if you agree with this idea, the flowers and vases you use should make a big impact and stand out from the rest of your décor (you can even mix and match if you want something unique). They look super cute and are so easy to clean up at the end of the night.

Golden accents

Fireplaces are real enough without any help, but if you want to embrace those luxurious and elegant vibes, add a healthy touch of gold to your mantel. Metallic decorative vases, votives, candle holders, and ornaments will make your display truly unmissable. Naturally, you’ll want to incorporate some flowers into the mix as well (because what’s the wedding décor without them?).

A bit of everything

For an interesting and eye-catching fireplace wedding decor show, add linens, votives, candles, flower arrangements, and more to your mantel. You don’t have to pick out bright and bold pieces to create something truly magical; in fact, if you’re looking for different textures and decorating styles, sweet and simple is sometimes better.

Bunting flag

If you’ve opted for a rustic-chic theme or something woodier, a pennant is the only way to choose your fireplace wedding decor. Of course, you can add some fun accents, like apothecary bottles, candles, and little flower arrangements on top, but your banner should be your focal point.

Pro tip: You can do it yourself entirely (or ask your wedding party to take care of the task for you) to save a little money

Tropical paradise

Decorate the mantel with tropical flora and fauna to provide an exotic focal point for the celebrations. The key here is to have a variety of large sheets for visual interest.

Arch altar

Are you using your fireplace as the backdrop for your altar? Great idea! Make it even more striking by surrounding it with a flower-covered wedding arch and adding some accent arrangements.

It will be a welcoming and epic display that you will be proud to say your “I do” in front of. Note that you can completely overdo it in this area because obviously, you want your altar to look as impressive as you would on your big day.

Makeshift fireplace

If your venue lacks a fireplace, add candles to a frame to give the appearance of one. This works for almost all wedding themes and is completely customizable. No, it won’t be the same as a comfortable home in a log cabin or a golden fireplace in a mansion, but it will fully work.

If you don’t want to do the concept yourself, hire a wedding stylist. Pinterest and Instagram are also full of great images.

Always choose the simplest professionals who provide you with the simplest services and you’ll get the simplest services at Magikflame.com today. We offer fireplaces to fit any décor, and our helpful professionals will help you determine what size and style of the fireplace are perfect for your home.



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