11 Tips You Should Know Before Purchasing A Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is a momentous complement of your wedding day. It is inconvenient to have a wedding cake which is not suitable for the wedding theme. To avoid unwanted things on your wedding cake, assure you follow these tips:

 Prepare Your Budget:

Honestly, tell your budget for a wedding cake. An experienced cake designer can change a small thing to be a special thing using accessories that are suitable for your wedding theme.

Order Cake Online Earlier:

Every designer needs enough time to design & prepare a anniversary cake. They need enough time because they won’t disappoint you. Remember, some people come to your designer, not only you. Other couples may have ordered their wedding cake before you. It’s better if you order your cake at least 3-6 months before your wedding day for the best result.

See the Portfolio:

Don’t get fixated with their big name. Sometimes a big name can cause low customer satisfaction. Because they intuitively can think that your order is not worth it, and the result may be unsuitable for you. Make sure their portfolio has an aesthetic character that you want.

Wedding Details:

A good cake designer will discuss with you first about your wedding theme to make sure that his work matches your wedding theme. Maybe he will ask many things related to your wedding theme, from color nuance, bouquet, decoration, till your wedding dress.

Taste The Cake:

You must choose the flavor suitable for you. Taste cake first before you buy it. If there is anything that is not suitable for you, you can discuss it with the baker. You would rather see another cake designer if they don’t let you taste the cake.

Consistent in Taste:

Too much variation of taste will influence the entire cake, even the wedding atmosphere. So, make sure that the taste is a part of & strengthening the whole wedding theme.

Fondant VS ButterCream:

Fondant (candy) shape may look interesting, especially with attractive colors. But maybe it is not as nice as its appearance. Whereas buttercream, hmmm yummy, but can melt easily. If it is the problem, just compromise. You can put a buttercream layer under the fondant.

Gum Paste Flowers VS Fresh Flowers:

Commonly, gum paste flowers that are made with a dough of gum paste are more expensive than real flowers. Besides, the shape has to resemble the original’s shape, the dough is composed of a lot of materials (glycerin, gum Arabic, and icing sugar). But if you want to put fresh flowers on the cake, assure that the flowers are free from pesticides.

Shipping Cost :

Find out how much your cake will cost to ship to you. Usually, cake designers are offering free shipping, because they have included it in their package. Assure that the car which ships your cake has full air conditioning to prevent the cake from melting away on the way.

Tell Your Cake Specialist About Your Wedding:

In the current world, weddings are not simply done in the congregation. A lot of thoughts had come up as far as for a wedding celebration. Hence, if at any point you have any plans of having your wedding by the seashore or anyplace else where it is open, it is smarter to educate your cook about this. 

In most cases, icings are helpless against natural hazards. Therefore, if the cake specialist realizes that your wedding will be an open-air wedding or a wedding at the seashore, he could make such an arrangement with your cake to persevere through the environmental conditions where it will be set. 

If not in our budget? Why not decorate your wedding cake 

It isn’t so unusual these days to find someone adorning their wedding cake. It is a reasonable idea particularly for individuals who have an extremely strict financial budget. You should simply arrange a plain wedding cake and purchase the decoration from the online cake delivery in Noida

Pick the correct cake shop or order cake online:

If you have a thought on where the best pastry shop is in your city, at that point head to that place right away. You can ask for recommendations from your companions or relatives too. Get a booking in the advance and try not to hesitate. The availability of cake decorators may be limited.

Make sure to visit your bakeshop to discuss the design, flavors, and different things you needed to add to your cake. Make sure to give a nitty-gritty portrayal of precisely what you need your cake to be. Give the seller an abundant chance to get ready, roughly a month or two would be enough for you. You may need to pay a store charge for the cake order in advance.

So, consider these things and buy your best wedding cake. 

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