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11 small bathrooms full of tips to save space

11 small bathrooms full of tips to save space: How to arrange a small bathroom in 4m2, 3m2 or even in 2m2: the answer lies both in the optimization of space with plans of small bathrooms full of ingenuity, but also in room equipment functional baths, suitable for small surfaces.

Arrange a small bathroom in length, create a mini bathroom in the attic, install a windowless bathroom in a small space, fit a bathtub or a toilet in a small bathroom …

here are some of the challenges that we suggest you raise! And let’s not forget the aesthetic dimension! The decoration of a small bathroom will create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being if it subtly plays on the light, on the surfaces and if it offers a real style to your small pond.

In phase 1 of the development or renovation project, before even looking at a small bathroom plan, nothing better than to be inspired by real achievements. So to give you ideas, here are bathrooms and small powder rooms that we liked!

 small bathrooms full of tips to save space

A small bathroom with shower and WC

To blend the elements into a chic decor, a waxed concrete covering dresses the entire room, enhanced on the floor by black enamelled tiles with pretty hexagonal shapes.

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Optimize a small attic bathroom

According to some of the best interior designers in Hyderabad: A small bathroom under the roof can become a real haven of well-being. Install a small bathtub under the slope and illuminate your water feature with a light color on the ceiling or with shiny tiles such as the famous Zelliges in enamelled terracotta.

Shower room with sliding door

The clever sliding door saves space in small apartments. Requiring no clearance, it encroaches neither on the bathroom space nor on the surface of the adjoining room.

Another example of a sliding door

Here, another realization cleverly using the sliding door. In addition to saving space and lack of clearance, it avoids any risk of hitting an open drawer or a shower or bathtub window placed behind it.

Space saving wall shelves

The niches and shelves offer a good storage capacity without the need for space for the clearance of a closet door.

Equip your walls with open shelves to store as many toiletries as possible: bath sheets, towels, shampoo stock, soaps and cosmetic products will find their place there.

Corner bathtub and space optimization

To take advantage of a cramped space, consider choosing a tub with the appropriate shape, this will bring you well-being and optimization of space.

Note here the optimal integration of a toilet, a bathtub, an ultra-flat towel radiator and a shallow cabinet in a tiny space.

To top it off, the clever use of a retractable mirror to take full advantage of natural light from windows when not in use. Every inch counts!

Remove the tub

the too bulky bathtub has been replaced by a shower, thus allowing the installation of two sinks and a laundry cupboard containing the washing machine and the dryer to the left of the sinks.

Small area of ​​3.5m²

Shelves dress the walls, offering a beautiful volume of storage. The result: a small, practical bathroom with everything you need for maximum comfort.

shower in length

To give a feeling of space and comfort in this small bathroom, an Italian shower with a clear and bright coating fits into a narrow and long space.

The absence of a receiving tray and glass door frees up space, making you forget the narrowness of the shower.

Treating a windowless powder room

In this 15m² studio, the bathroom offers only a small surface area and, an additional difficulty, no window brings in natural light.

In a mini windowless bathroom, counter the feeling of confinement with a luminous covering. Here, the white metro tiles illuminate the bathroom, giving it relief and a pretty trendy style.

Black works too!

Whatever may be said, black is not sad and it always gives off this contemporary identity that “non-colors” have such as black or even gray in all its gradations, from the most intense to the lighter.

Use black to modernize a bathroom to complement a lighter tone drawn from neutrals.

The offer in black tiles has something to make you want: glass paste tiles, mosaic of small matte or shiny black tiles, enamelled terracotta… the choice is yours!

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