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11 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally In 2020

It's one of the popular music sites where you can download unlimited songs for free.

In today’s world, you’ll so many things on the Internet for free and along with this ‘ cherry on the cake’ has been the “Free Music” for all the music lovers. There are plenty of free music website options available on the internet that offer you the opportunity to legally download free music but you might get confused about the top best free music download sites from the rest of them.

Therefore, having that in mind, we listed the 11 best free music websites to download songs legally in the year 2020; let’s have a brief look at them:

SoundCloud Music

  • Soundcloud Website best known for “Spotify Alternative”: It is considered as one of the famous music sites that let you stream music and download unlimited songs for free which are uploaded by independent and famous artists plus musicians. Not only that it is even considered as the popular ‘Spotify alternative’ to access online music and get them without even paying anything.

RevebNation Music Website

  • RevebNation Website best known for “Hip-hop, Alternative, and Pop”: Brands like Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes, and the Civil Wars get famous due to RevebNation music site as they share their music on this site for free. The site which now caters to 4 million artists is considered as the best free download site.

Jamendo Website best playlists

  • Jamendo Website is best known for “Radio stations and very well-curated playlists”: The music contents on the site are of independent artists. Therefore, if you are a music explorer then you’ll definitely like this site. Also, the site is protected by ‘Creative Commons licenses’ so you can download the music without any worry.


  • SoundClick Website is best known for “All Genres”: The site offers you the opportunity to have an interaction with the other available listeners on the site’s forum. You can even read about your favorite artist on this site and of course, download the music of all genres.


  • AudioMack Website best known for “Reggae, Electronic, and Hip Hop”: It is an emerging free download music platform having a user-friendly interface that is basically an alternative of SoundCloud website. The site has different categories like ‘Top Songs, Trending songs, Top Albums, etc and is for having amazing music, which is a hub for music lovers.

Download Amazon Music

  • Amazon Music store Website is best known for “Offline listening”: If you have an Amazon Prime membership then you’ll get access to millions of songs from the Amazon music store website.

Internet Archive Website Audiobooks

  • Internet Archive Website is best known for “Audiobooks, radio programs, and podcasts”: Along with over 2 million free digital music files, the site has also offered the opportunity to access audiobooks, radio programs, podcasts, and live music.

FM Website radio stations

  • FM Website is best known for “Well-curate radio stations”: Initially functioned as interactive radio stations, Last.fm is based on individual music taste and listening habits, the site collects data from various music streaming site and offers the best music for free downloading.

CCTrax Website best

  • CCTrax Website best known for “Dub, Electronic, Techno and Ambient”: Protected by ‘Creative Commons licenses’ the site offers such a layout from where music lovers can easily search for free music based on genre, label, and artists.

YouTube Website best All Genres

  • YouTube Website is best known for “All Genres”: Being the largest site on the internet, YouTube offers music lovers free and unlimited opportunities for video streaming and music streaming for having almost all kinds of music genres.

Google Play Store Website best known for All Genres

  • Google Play Store Website is best known for “All Genres”: If you have a Google account then you can easily access almost all kinds of music from there just like the Amazon site. To do so all you have to do is go to the ‘Music section’ of the play store and there look for ‘free music’.


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