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10 Yoga Asana Poses For Beginners and Intermediate

Are you new to yoga? Then you might be feeling overwhelmed by seeing so many different yoga asana poses and their names that sound a little odd. Do not worry. Because here are few steps that will help you to build up into a slow and consistent process of yoga and then rolling out on a yoga mat for doing some of the best yoga workouts for beginners.

The more you will practice yoga, the more you will be developing awareness in your body. Practice helps in progressing. When you progress, you can take some of the challenging poses during your 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. In the beginning, it’s often good to keep things simple and easy.

The beginner’s yoga poses given here are good enough to keep you engaged for a long period of time.

Start with some of the beginner yoga poses and the best yoga sequences that are necessary for you to build up strength as well as the confidence to make your yoga exercise deeper.

Mountain pose or Tadasana:

This is a pose that teaches you to stand with magnificent steadiness just like a mountain. Tada means mountain, and from this, the name comes. It is the base for all kinds of standing poses. This pose involves your muscles which enhance your focus and concentration. The mountain pose might seem like a simple standing but a lot of thing goes on there.

Initially, you can stand against the wall to check your alignment. You can also raise your hands and then stretch. Take easy breathe.


Vrksasana or tree pose:

It is one of the amazing standing poses for all yoga beginners that work on gaining focus as well as clarity. You will learn how to breathe while standing and keep your body perfectly balanced on a single foot. It looks like a tree’s stable stance. In beginning, you can stand with your back braced up against the wall.


Triangle or trikonasana:

It is one of the magnificent standing yoga postures for stretching the sides of your waist, open up your lungs, and strengthen your legs, and tome the whole body. It is one of the important standing poses among various styles of yoga. Initially, you can keep your back heel or the back of your torso lean against the wall for gaining steadiness.


Warrior pose or Virabhadrasana:

this pose is important for building up strength as well as stamina in your yoga practices. It offers you confidence and stretches your hips and thighs besides building your strength in the whole lower body. As a beginner, while bending your front knee you might have a tendency to bend your pelvis forward. You should lift the pubis up towards your navel and then lengthen the tail towards the floor.


Adha Mukha Svanasana or Downward facing dog:

It is most commonly used in yoga practices that strengthen your whole body. It might be the first pose that you will learn when you will start your yoga practice. It serves as a transitional pose and can be a resting position. If you are facing any difficulty while releasing and opening up your shoulders in this yoga posture, raise up your hands from the floor on a pair of blocks or on the seat of a metal folding chair.


Urshva Mukha Svanasana or upward facing dog:

I am most often practiced in sequence with Adho Mukha Svanasana. It is one of the effective poses that arouses the strength of your upper body and provides you a magnificent stretch for your chest as well as abdomen. While practicing this pose you might have the tendency to hand on your shoulders which will lift them up in direction of your ears and then develop pressure on your neck. Slowly draw your shoulders away from your ears by lengthening down along the back armpits, thereby pulling your shoulder blades towards your butt. You can also use a block underneath each of your hands. You can decrease the tension in your lower back by dropping your knees down.


Seated forward fold or paschimottasana:

It is vital to integrate forward bending in your yoga practices for stretching your hamstrings, upper and lower back, and sides. It is one of the perfect yoga poses for all beginners to initiate to open your body and learn how to breathe with some of the challenging positions in a yoga school in Rishikesh.

While doing this pose if you are feeling a very sharp pain, you have to back off. But if you feel the pressure while folding forward but you can breathe, you can gradually start to loosen and let go. You can also keep your knees bent in this pose till your feet stay flexible and together.


Bridge pose or setubandhasana:

It is one of the best ways to bridge the gap that exists between your mind and your body. It is a counterpose to the forward bend. It is best for beginners as a backbend position and stretches your front body. This pose also helps in strengthening your back body.

A soothing version of bridge pose using a block or a bolster under the sacrum is one of the divine ways to release your lower back. It also assists you in easing your menstrual cramps as well as discomfort.


Child pose or Balasna:

It is a gentle resting pose that helps in stretching your hips, legs, and thighs. A pose that calms down your mind thereby relieving stress and tension. Everybody requires a good resting pose and this child pose is an excellent one not only for beginners but also for yoga practitioners of all different levels. To help yourself you can keep a blanket under your hips, head or knees. If you are pregnant, then you can spread your knees so that there is pressure on your abdomen.


Savasana or corpse pose:

No yoga session is finished without the final relaxing pose that is savasana. It is a resting pose. Even though it looks very easy, savasana is known to be the most difficult of all asanas. You must try to stay awake during the five to 10 minutes that you spend during the final relaxation pose. To accentuate the feeling that your body is rooted in the earth, you can keep a folded blanket over the thighs. A block below your navel will also have the same effect as an eye pillow.

So, these were some of the best yoga poses for those who are starting yoga practices.


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