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10 Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your NodeJS Development

When wanting to invest in an application, NodeJs will probably be suggested to you several times. This is because Node is usable in real-time applications, has a low learning curve, and is capable of being used for microservice development. Node actually appears to be an ideal JavaScript runtime environment to develop a game, chatbot, or even a social media platform! 

But, no matter how many advantages a programming language holds, barriers are bound to be encountered. If not encountered initially, these issues could surface later on in the process. This is why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to speed up the development of your Node application. 

10 Ways to Speed Up The Node.JS Development Process

When you are on a deadline and want to get your investment bear results rapidly, you would probably look for ways to speed up your Node.JS development workflow. Here are 10 ways your Node Js Developer can speed up your project in the development process itself.  

  • Go the Asynchronous Way

Opting for synchronous Node development had the drawback of tasks having to be completed one at a time, causing blocking. This would greatly affect the performance of an application negatively.

To overcome this problem, coders choose the asynchronous route when coding web applications in Node. Asynchronous development allows the code to perform tasks independently in parallel. This overcomes the drawback of using the synchronous coding method. 

  • Gzip Compression

If you don’t want the browser to take forever to fetch resources from your application, compression is essential. Gzip compression will compress HTTP requests and the responses before sending them to the browser. In turn, this means the browser spends less time fetching resources. All in all, using compression will help to speed up your application as requests and responses are handled faster than normal.

  • Clusters In Your App

The use of clusters during the Node.JS development process assists in reducing the chances of long execution times. Users will not entertain waiting forever for your application to load. By default, Node only runs a single thread on a single core even if there are several cores available in the system.

That’s why it is important to hire Node developer who knows how to use clusters. It allows easy creation of child processes that all share a server. So how does this help you? Basically, it means that now requests can be handled using multiple cores. This practice will better the overall performance of your application. 

  • Caching

Caching can drastically help the performance of your Node application. The cache is a memory deposit containing data pertaining to frequent access by the users. This means that your application does not have to access the original data each time.

Apart from improving performance, caching can help to speed up response time and reduce bandwidth and data volumes. This is great news for application owners who are just starting up their Node application. 

A popular option when it comes to caching in Node development is Redis cache which is effective in handling client-side and server-side cache requests. 

  • Go Green

During your Node app development process you should go green, we really mean it! Sorting the coding environment can make a huge difference. Sort the environment by taking care of garbage and using trees in your structure.

  • Offload Garbage Frequently 

One of the features of Node is its ability to automatically collect garbage. However, it is not a great idea to rely on this feature; it may only become effective at the last moment. Whenever it is necessary, flag the necessary variables.

Constant garbage collection can help avoid memory leaks. These leaks cause performance issues due to limited CPU and memory availability. 

  • Stop Memory Leaks

Incorrect memory management by a system can lead to a memory leak. In this situation, an already loaded page will begin to consume more and more memory. These memory leaks decrease available memory and stress the CPU. How would your Node.JS developer tackle this issue?

Often DOM (Document Object Model) removal occurs from a page but variables may still have some reference to them. An instance like this would cause a memory leak. In order to fix this, fix the DOM values to null after removal. The tool Chrome Dev Tools can help to identify and debug memory leaks.   

  • Update Every Step Of The Way! 

Nothing affects performance more than outdated software! Using outdated software will prove to be problematic in several ways. Old software does not offer as much functionality as recent updates. Plus, new updates assist in faster development and lesser hassle to your developer!

It is a good practice to use the latest software not just in the development stage but after launch as well. Old software could be what makes your application malfunction and act slow. Operating an app that runs on aged software releases is upsetting for users. 

  • Lowercase Use

Although file names matching class names is common, it might not always be the best option. The use of lowercase files is always the better option. The use of lowercase files can be good to decrease the time of Node app development.

  • Developers

Apart from the already mentioned points, your choice of developer affects the rate at which your application development is completed. You can choose to hire a Node developer at the senior level who is updated on the latest trends.

An inexperienced junior developer could waste more of your time and leave you with an unfinished project. I bet you would want to avoid this at all costs! Ultimately, this makes finding the right developing partner an important decision to make. 


For businessmen who have enthusiasm in making an investment for their businesses and have no time to waste, extra tips are required. These tips make the process faster and smoother in the long run on implementation by your developer to make the process faster and smoother in the long run. Node web applications need to be fast as most users use this type of application. Follow these steps to ensure a rapid development process!

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