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10 Quick Tips on How to Design a Flyer That Will Turn Heads

Are your flyer conversion rates low? It might be time to give your flyer a facelift.

Even if what you’re selling is amazing, people do judge a book by its cover. Below we’ve got ten tips on how to design a flyer that turns heads.

  1. Less Is More

You want your flyer to have a clear call to action, CTA. A flyer shouldn’t have conflicting CTA’s or too many. Too many will leave a passerby overwhelmed.

Instead of doing everything, they’ll do nothing. Pick one CTA, such as “sign up,” “call us,” “attend,” or one QR code to scan.

  1. Sections

Include white space between text on your flyer design. This will make your flyer more digestible, especially when in areas of fast traffic.

  1. Visuals

Flyer conversion rates always increase when visuals are included. We live in a digital world of image and video.

When including a visual have a focal point visual, and include additional visuals if necessary such as an infographic, bullet list, or graph.

  1. Tagline

Give your tagline some personality. Make it catchy or relevant and it will grab attention.

  1. Contact Information

Always include at least one method of contact on every flyer. Include at least one of the following: an email, phone, address, or QR code.

Someone might have questions beyond what is presented on the flyer or might be interested in what you do, but cannot complete the CTA on the flyer.

  1. Dates and Directions

Include any important dates or directions, especially if your flyer is for an event. Include the start and end time, day of the week and date, address, and how to get there or a nearby landmark.

  1. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

This need not be explained. There is nothing more off-putting than a grammatically incorrect flyer. It severs trust opportunities and gives your business a bad reputation.

  1. Design

Design is comprehensive of the colors, fonts, paper stock, and style of your flyer.

Your design should align with your brand and the thing that you are promoting. For example, a floral shop flyer should have flowers somewhere on it, while a flyer for a university might have images of students or the campus.

For colors and fonts, limit choices to one to three for each. Too many will look inconsistent. Too little variation will make it hard for the reader to grasp important details and overwhelm them.

The paper used to design a flyer should be appropriate for your target audience and geographic distribution. If you plan to leave flyers outside, they should be waterproof. If you’re a luxury brand, choose a thick cardstock.

  1. Experience

Think about the experience you want your target consumer to have when they receive or view your flyer. Is it interactive? Educational? Informative?

The language you choose to use on your flyer will steer the experience.

  1. Geogrpahic Distirbution

You’ve perfected how to design a flyer, now where do you put it? Place your flyer where your target audience is. Ask businesses if they can place flyers at checkout tables and in shopping bags.

How to Design a Flyer People Want

Create a flyer that grabs attention and retains it by providing value. Staying true to your brand is the best compass for how to design a flyer.

Leverage tools like Canva and Photoshop or seek a professional. For more marketing strategies, continue reading on our site.

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