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10 Best Mobile Ecommerce Apps for the Startup

The world is focusing its energy on securing cyberspace and making it accessible to all. The entire world digitalizing, global attention is diverted towards making solid connections and uniting different industries. Considering this all, the e-commerce industry has made advances using the internet and earning recognition from consumers worldwide.

It’s ardently obvious that most internet users choose online forums to shop and purchase the essentials. They prefer shopping from online stores instead of wasting time roaming around malls. Because of this, brands have become conscious of their image and reputation, so they make an effort to increase the user’s website experience.

Are you particularly interesting to attract online consumers? Do you realize that to run your business smoothly and expand your vision, and you need to attract more and more users? Well, to help you with that, we have created a list of mobile apps. You may use these apps for startups because they are design to bring your brand and business attention.

In this regard, Appsocio is considered the best mobile app development company because it offers immaculate mobile app development keys and features.

Startups must analyze their users and understand how they use and are dependent on their smartphones. Today, the entire world is running on that small device. Therefore, to increase their sales, e-commerce startups must pay attention to the needs of the users. They must understand how certain applications can target their audience and market the products well.

Hence, it’s deemed necessary to hire app development agencies to design and create applications targeting youth to elevate engagement.

Gone are the days when you would spend months preparing for a startup boost. These days, you have to design an app to get instant responses.

Target e-commerce apps and use technological tools to optimize the design of your business websites. Of course, you’ll be mandated to fix the sales funnels and attract traffic to your domain.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps for Startup

With that settled, let’s start the list! Numerous e-commerce apps can solve diverse problems that potentially threaten your business. Whether you want to optimize your website design, add plugins, market your business, or use analytical tools to identify and understand user behavior – these apps can help you with all.


WooCommerce is essentially a Word Press plugin that has several features to offer. If you need a powerful and effective modular to help you with analytics elevate the website’s pace and speed, WooCommerce is the tool to go for! The best thing about this plugin is that it’s completely free and comes with several additional features that can be bought. Interestingly, the tool offers the community of developers a convenient and hassle-free platform for plugins.


Young and upcoming entrepreneurs give this website a thumbs up because it grants them the basic technical skill set for which they’d otherwise have to hire a developer – saving them a lot of money. You can call this app a complete e-commerce solution with secure as well as scalable features.

It is considered one of the biggest e-commerce brands – you can choose the packages depending on your feasibility and need. It can guide you during different developmental stages by offering tools for brand marketing. By using this tool, you can add your store to eBay and Amazon. There is no doubt that this application is fast-paced and a secure option for payments. You can also choose a domain of your liking and launch the website in little to no time.


If you’re looking for a completely free and secure e-commerce platform, this is the application to opt for. You may place this application in the category of WooCommerce and Shopify due to the vast variety of features it offers. This platform is going to help you build your business website and make it SEO-friendly. Should you need assistance with website coding or any other manufacturing ordeals, you can get help from the developers’ panel directly.

Do you know that this app is compatible with more than 40 languages? Honestly, the only problem that we can find with this platform is that it can be challenging to upscale your brand quickly.


Do you have a marketing strategy to run your e-commerce business? Well, this application can help resolve many of your marketing concerns. By using this application, you can manage tons of emails to drive traffic to your website. The tool’s sole purpose of email marketing.

The tool is well with tailor-made templates and power-packed features. Without a doubt one of the best email marketing tools that can elevate the game of your e-commerce business. And if you use it for your startup, you’re in for a treat because it includes an incredible analytical feature that will strengthen your marketing strategy.

Active Campaign

This is yet another marketing app designed to elevate the experience of your e-commerce platform. It gives developers a shot at running marketing campaigns, including email marketing. The user interface may have some issues but will fix after a few alterations and updates.

The platform offers accurate analytics to guide you regarding the retrieved data. You can decide the plan according to the needs and list of contacts and user accounts. You may also review the campaigns and how they may appear on different smartphones and browsers.

User Testing

Look – it must be emphasized that the user experience holds immense importance as it dictates how a targeted member of the audience interacts with your website. We would argue that the way you optimize your website is crucial as it gains traffic. User Testing is a game-changing application as it gives insight into the way your targeted market thinks and responds to your campaigns.

It collects responses from the global market and interacts with your users through live videos. The responses are completely uncensored and take an extremely short period. The great thing about this tool is that all questions posed to the audience will be customizing according to the needs of your business.


Visual Website Optimizer, also known as VWO, is a great analytical tool because it shatters the traditional confines or analytical techniques and gives you a more interactive and internalized look at the user experience. It offers a feature called heat maps that shows the visitors the ideal way to navigate your website.

They can show how users explore your website and how they usually interact with your website. By understanding the way they work, this app helps developers optimize and strengthen their business tactics. Hence, you can then edit and target campaigns.


As the name suggests, this mobile application is designing to elevate your optimization game. It is a sequential feature and helps you understand and evaluate your performance. They offer five different tools that are customizing by yourself according to your business needs. You may also get a free trial because that can help you decide whether or not the investment would pay off in the end or not.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the top applications platforms that are using many e-commerce enterprises of all types, and no list would be complete without analytics. They elevate the conversions on PPC ads and help you optimize the design of your website to engage and interact with the audience more authentically and qualitatively. You can track the website visitors’ actions and monitor their behavior to use it to your advantage.


The organization is key – even when it comes to e-commerce startups.  By using it neatly, you can track the progress of your business and keep an eye on the projected goals. This tool gives you insights and improves your marketing strategy. You can also use this app to monitor the KPIs. The fact that all of these features are offers within a single dashboard says enough – and you can integrate this app with several other e-commerce platforms.

In conclusion

In the end, we can say that by using all of the aforementioned mobile applications, you can advance your e-commerce business.

Syed Fahad Ahmed

Syed Fahad Ahmed is a Digital Marketer and content producer at Appsocio who build innovative ideas and content to promote various products of the company in the market. He aims to extend his assistance in B2B and IT marketing through his engaging Blog.

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