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10 Best Antivirus Software for Windows, Android, & Mac

Cybercrimes saw a jump of over 300% during the pandemic. Attacks involving ransomware constituted over 70% of the total number, while cases of malware attacks and phishing were observed the least. The surprising fact though, is computers that were targeted by cybercriminals had one or the other antivirus software already installed. Yet, they failed to trace virus signatures and left data vulnerable to attacks. Experts suggest the failure in updating the virus definitions regularly led to the attack, while others argue that using free and obsolete protection software was the culprit. Whatever the reason is, the only takeaway one can have from these events is installing and maintaining the protection software at its best is the only way out. In fact, having the Best Antivirus Software for Windows or macOS computers will go a long way in ensuring data security.

While you can always use Windows Defender to secure your computers and devices, using other software will only add to the protection game. This blog will walk you through the list of the 10 best antivirus software for Windows, Android, and Mac computers.

Honorary Mentions

  1. McAfee Antivirus
  2. Avast Antivirus
  3. AVG Antivirus
  4. BitDefender Antivirus
  5. Norton Antivirus
  6. TTB Antivirus
  7. Avira Antivirus
  8. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus
  9. ESET NOD32
  10. Sophos Home Premium Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus

This antivirus software can help you protect your Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices at your home at an affordable price. With a robust built-in firewall and new easy-to-use interface, this software pledges to offer complete virus protection to your computers. The only downside that you’ll find is the fewer features for iOS as compared to other platforms and slow full scan on Windows and macOS computers. Also, the mac edition of the McAfee offers fewer features than its other counterparts. So, if this works for you, you can proceed with downloading the software.

Avast Antivirus

Avast is one of the free antivirus software you can download and install for just about any of your devices and computers. It offers equally capable features that the paid versions of other software do. If you are using the free version, you’ll lose out on some of the features, though they can be unlocked as you move up the grid by purchasing the premium and ultimate versions. Once installed, you can protect 10 devices with the same protection subscription, and that’s the most an antivirus that is free can offer.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is another leader in the computer security and data protection realm. Offering real-time protection from threats by detecting unsafe links, files, and downloads that can harm your computer, AVG can protect your devices proactively. If you are someone who is security conscious, AVG will be a good choice for you. However, the only thing that might bother you while using AVG is the high RAM consumption. The background processes related to the antivirus engine consume easily around 23-26% of your system RAM. This, combined with other processes, can take a toll on system performance.

BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender has been known to score impressive antivirus lab results and offers a collection of features that a majority of other security suites don’t. If you are looking to purchase a subscription for BitDefender, getting the Plus variant is recommended as it offers complete protection for your PC. Moreover, with increased instances of ransomware attacks, this software will make more sense as it provides enhanced protection against such attacks. And that’s not all, extra features like banking protection, VPN, and other such features are just a bonus.

Norton Antivirus

The Plus variant of the Norton Antivirus scores an impressive number in the lab and hands-on tests. Equipped with a complete wealth of useful features, this antivirus program is a great investment you can make. The only downside is it’s expensive and lacks multi-system support. But, it effectively foils ransomware attacks and includes online backup, an inbuilt firewall, password manager, and other bonus features to mention the least. If you own a limited number of devices and tend to forget passwords, getting this software will make sense to you.

TTB Antivirus

TTB Antivirus

TTB is relatively new in the market. Having scored decent enough for the features that it is equipped with, getting this software would mean having an intelligent receptionist sitting at the front desk of your network connection, scanning each file that passes through for virus signatures. The developers of this software claim of ML integrations allowing the software to learn from file behavior. This, as a result, helps it exhibit a response upon virus/malware detection. The software also boasts of providing protection against ransomware and other sophisticated forms of malware.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

Avira antivirus software secures your computers and devices from threats emanating from the use of the internet. Originally developed as a cybersecurity software, this antivirus can help you block online threats. These include malicious websites, spyware, and ransomware. Free VPN protection can help you secure and anonymize online activities while protecting you from phishing-like attacks. Additional features that the antivirus comes equipped with are speed booster, identity protection, anti-spam protection, firewall, PC cleaner, and more.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

This software boasts of high-speed system scans and relatively low RAM consumption. Therefore, the system won’t get slow even when running at its maximum potential. This works to protect your Windows, macOS, and Android devices from virus and malware attacks. Some studies suggest the antivirus’s ability to remediate ransomware damage and other advanced features as well.


ESET NOD32 has been time and again reviewed by security experts. The results are pretty impressive! The software packs extra features that extend beyond just basic security. It does that by using protection and device control abilities to secure devices. In addition, it also boasts of its comprehensive device control abilities with a HIPS component that blocks system exploits effectively.

SOPHOS Home Premium Antivirus

Sophos is yet another affordable option for users who are looking for basic computer security and protection. However, it doesn’t mean the software isn’t capable enough. It expands on basic antivirus with protection that arrives only in the enterprise-level products from other security solution providers. The software can be managed using a remote management app. Furthermore, Sophos can help you gain protection from ransomware, keyloggers, and more threats while helping your secure up to 10 devices simultaneously.

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